Racer Pants Brasil 2024 Edition

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Racer BMX Pants 2024: Designed for riders around the world

Discover the Sweden 2024 limited edition Racer BMX pants, an exceptional creation designed to meet the diverse needs of riders around the world, featuring the vibrant colors that capture the spirit and energy of competition.

Available for pre-order: place your order before March 1 and receive your pants the week of April 15, or delivery on site at the 2024 UCI BMX Racing World Championships in Rock Hill, SC USA (May 11-18, 2024).

Special pre-order price: €135.00 instead of €155.00 until March 1 only.

Wide choice of sizes: from Y20 to A40.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these pants are the ultimate in comfort and performance. Made from the finest materials, they offer a lightweight feel and maximum flexibility, allowing total freedom of movement on the track. Advanced integrated technology also ensures exceptional durability, ensuring these pants stay up to the rigorous demands of BMX.

Choose the BMX Racer Pants 2024 and experience the perfect marriage of personalized style, unrivalled comfort and peak performance. Be part of the elite with this unique piece, celebrating the sporting spirit and passion of BMX.

Don’t miss this limited edition, a tribute to the greatness of the sport in Sweden.

Highlights :

Unrivalled comfort: Ergonomic cut and breathable materials ensure exceptional comfort, even during the most intense BMX sessions.

Rugged durability: Made from high-quality materials, these pants are wear-resistant, ensuring long-term durability.

Unique style: With a sleek, modern design, Racer BMX 2024 pants combine performance and style.

Sizing options: Available in a wide range of sizes, riders around the world can find the perfect-fitting pants for the ultimate BMX experience.

Riders’ testimonials:

“The Racer pants really improved my performance on the track. Exceptional comfort, allowing me to concentrate fully on every jump and turn. They’re a must-have choice for any athlete looking for a reliable, high-performance outfit that combines comfort and durability.” Romain Mayet, France

“Style and performance in one pant. Perfect for riders the world over.” Molly Simpson, Canada

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