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NOLOGO & Pakistan. The history and the future… We explain you everything !

Since the creation of the brand in 2017, NOLOGO has made the choice not to manufacture its products in France. Let's be frank, this choice was first motivated by a lack of means at the launch, and thus a lack of funds to invest in local production machines. Then, throughout our history, the reasons for this relocation have evolved. We explain why...

We initially headed to China as many people in the textile. Unfortunately, we realized that we had no connection and no relationship with them apart from that of money and business. It is true that some rates are very advantageous and there is no better value for money.
But this was not what we were looking for, we wanted to develop a long-term partnership of trust to be able to work on our products and their quality.

In 2018, we therefore turned to Pakistan, also famous for these textile factories.

We have since created real links with our partners there and we moved at our own pace with them until 2021 or we had to face new problems.

We experienced between 2020 and 2021 a very strong increase in demand: the organization and operation that we had until now was no longer manageable. Moreover, with the period of sanitary crisis that we are going through, the shipping formats have changed and despite having tried, it has become very difficult to maintain reasonable deadlines.

It was therefore necessary to react as quickly as possible, and we went there to continue to move forward with them in the best possible way and thus prepare the future in the best possible way.

“ We arrived in Pakistan for the first time !

From the very first days, we discovered a country very different from what we knew, a country divided between development and scars of the past.

We all know these countries for the wrong reasons, but these stories are part of the past here, and it is time for us to turn the page and forget our preconceived ideas.

The factories are mostly located in buildings (apartments) and each room is used for one stage of production, so each person on site has a role and a job.

In our factories, the workers are paid about 180 €/month which corresponds to about 32 000 PKR. The average salary in Pakistan is about 188 €/month. What seems to be a low cost for us is in fact quite relative for them considering the very low value of their currency compared to the Euro. As an example, we barely paid 300 € for more than a week in a comfortable hotel.

As previously mentioned, the country is in full development, so their priority is to work inside their country with their currency and to try to export as much as possible abroad. Imports remain very low.

After learning about the plants and how they work, we worked on the entire organization. We focused on understanding where the problems could come from and like everyone else, they were also affected by Covid. With the government taking steps to downsize in the buildings, they had a hard time keeping the same pace of work and production as before.

We worked on new tools and techniques to anticipate, manage and meet demand with more organization. They were delighted and grateful to have these very constructive exchanges that will help them grow just as much.

Despite all this organizational work to ensure the future, we have not forgotten to work on a lot of new products that will please you. But for now, we’ll keep it a secret 😉

Much more than a working trip, we wanted to bring another dimension to this partnership.

Indeed, NOLOGO will now take part in the development of these factories by helping them to improve the production tools, by investing with them in better production lines for a better working comfort of the employees.

In addition to the side related to the factories, we were very touched by the poverty we could see there. We had the chance to discover the city as a whole, to learn about the local customs, habits and everything that happens differently from home. It is certain that we have much to learn from these countries and their mentality as they are so generous despite the little they have.

This is why we have decided, together with local organizations, to make a portion of our profits available to children and families in need.

By this we want to make a real partnership with the country and we hope to create a long-term positive impact in the lives of people there.

It is certainly very good to operate the made in France, but having now full knowledge of Pakistan, its history, living conditions and these issues, it seems to us very important to help and support these populations really in need.

We are a French company that pays these taxes in France and employs French people on the territory. There are jobs with us for people who are looking for them.

Unlike some companies that use made in France to hide their offshoring practices or that will lay off their production staff as soon as they have pocketed enough to automate everything:We are proud to grow alongside our partners in Pakistan who know how to provide us with very good quality in record time. So because of the quality of this partnership, we don’t have to hide the fact that we are having production done overseas.

You have now a full transparency on the place where your favorite products are manufactured and you have, at your level, the opportunity to play a role to help the development of Pakistan by joining the NOLOGO Family!


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