Relive the signature of Mariana Pajon at NOLOGO

How did the double Olympic BMX champion end up wearing NOLOGO? What are her plans with us in 2021? We tell you everything!

A start of exchanges and discussions in November 2020…

Mere assumptions and many guesses to begin with on our side. So with no real hope of success, we opened negotiations.

After the USA GRANDS 2020, Mariana is engaging in a period of testing pants NOLOGO, where she then takes a real pleasure in wearing our products, the PREMIUM meeting 100% of his needs, both in terms of comfort and satisfaction. A comfort that was felt directly during practice, providing him with better sensations for optimal performance. 

The quality and comfort of our products were the triggers for his decision to join us! 

“ This is the first time we've trained with these race pants. Comfort at last!

Mariana & Vincent

What are the ambitions for 2021?

After catching up with Mariana on the first competitions of the year in 2021, we are looking forward to seeing her perform on the World Cups in preparation for the Olympics.

Last weekend, we were able to see her for the first time with the NOLOGO pants. An outing punctuated by 2 wins with great ease.

With the Olympic 2021 in sight, Mariana is back to her best after a few more difficult years caused by injuries.

On her way to a 3rd Olympic title? That’s the main goal! And we are happy to be able to accompany her as best we can in this very special adventure.

To get out of the sports side, we have planned in 2021 many announcements around Mariana. We also hope to be able to contribute to her foundation through product sales.

We will tell you more soon, but it would not be impossible to find exclusive products from Mariana at NOLOGO in the coming months.

1st round of the Colombian Cup in Bogota

This weekend of March 13 and 14, 2021 took place the first stage of the Cup of Colombia.

On this first day, it was Mariana who won, but our other Colombian athletes NOLOGO are also at the appointment. Andrea ESCOBAR finishes in 4th place in the women’s category and Vincent PELLUARD also obtains the 4th place in the men’s category.

The next day, Vincent will be placed second after having led a large part of the final and in the women’s category, Andrea will climb on the 3rd step of the podium. The first step was reserved for Mariana who did the double!

Mariana PAJON in France ?

The Olympic preparation remaining the priority objective this year, we do not have yet a date on possible competitions in France where Mariana could be present.

But it is certain that we will find her in 2021 on the territory, either for competitions, training courses or NOLOGO events.

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